The Losers

The works fall into three main categories, Character, Setting or Event which then fit under a theme and begin creating a story. Not a consecutive […]

Anzac Slang

Anzac; Australian, New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). The works are influenced by the succinct phraseology used by these soldiers in the First World War. These […]

Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship 2010

In November 2009 I was one of six recipients of an Efroymson Contemporary Fellowship. The fellowship offers select contemporary artists living in Indiana, Kentucky and […]

Fuller Projects 2010

Images from the Solo Show Ascension by Infiltration at Fuller Projects in 2010

Kunstraum Gruenerhund 2009

In July 2008 I was invited by Andrea Hildebrandt to have a solo show at her gallery Kunstraum Gruenerhund in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of […]

Selected Works 2005-2008

A selection of work form 2005 through 2008, each piece representing an important moment. Usually this means they represent a change in thinking, the beginning […]

Malaya Yuzhnaya

  Malaya Yuzhnaya, oil on canvas, 50″ x 39″, 2010   Sometime during the process of making this painting I started to listen to Dan Carlin’s podcast […]


To submit or present, as for consideration, approval, or payment                             To […]

….and on, and on, and on, and on….

…lectronic mist…     you may have noticed a lack of posts….or not…well what can I say I’ve neglected the blog too much… It got […]

happy dayz

summer…what is there to say? It’s fun, it’s hot, it’s miserable…It’s not conducive to posting to this blog. apparently. But things are looking up, the […]

Sluppy Line

The line in, what keeps us going…     ….mainline to the imagination…. …and my imagination is voracious. If nothing goes in, nothing comes out. […]

rather ripped

do you believe in rapture? for some reason had that song stuck in my head the past week…. consider this post a visual mix-tape its […]

…and a little bit of that

time has slipped by me almost unnoticed… but I just caught it going by That’s what happens when you’re busy… …busy with a little of […]

a little like goes a long way

Friday, February 11, 2011, 12:20 PM I’ve been noticing a particularly disturbing trend in my speech lately… …the occurrence of the word like has jumped […]

o O o O O o o o o o

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 …my mind hasn’t caught up with my body yet, I’m waiting for it to snap painfully back into place… On a […]

Hypochondria of the heart

Well this is an odd post, just a few pics that i never posted that I like… and I thought I would post this interview […]

Change is a Foot

…saying goodbye to my old studio… just about one year …whats next?

The old New Work routine

Packing up the studio, getting ready for the big move… I spent one last day in the studio and manged to finish up a few […]


Here it is, I’m sneaking in some true preview shots of the exhibition I curated, it is up, it is lit and we are just […]

Toilet Clouds

ok finally the last installment of the european odessy…. Prague… its kind of unfair for me to post this picture of Greg without him being […]

No Golem

that ain’t no golem but that is his restaurant… yes… for those of you familiar with Jewish mythology we are now in prague…. …now berlin… […]


here is a little sneak peak of the show I’m curating at the SoFA gallery… Jered Sprecher and Ryan Schneider…I’m super excited! Also if you’re […]

scaley windows

I’m such a neglectful blogger someone notify the authorities …ever get the feeling… British Brutalist Building; Balfron Tower the promise of tomorrow days! Greg took […]


I’ve been thinking about visualization a lot lately not so much the mystic-y kind of ‘picture it and it will come true’ kind of visualization […]


I had this idea for a post with pictures that reminded me of lyrics… …Hard to the dome like a chrome microphone I’m ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bad to […]

homophobic phone

this is the third time I tried to take a picture of this graffiti with my phone, I think its homophobic… here is some more […]

ROFL at the PONR

…not just news anymore… …also pictures of my studio… …and sometimes other people’s studios… …sometimes things outside of the studio… …sometimes really really tiny things […]

Fuller Projects

A big thanks to Anna and Phil at the Fuller Projects for selecting my work for an exclusive one night show. It was a lot […]

Big News!

I am honored to be able to announce that I was named a 2009 Efroymson Fellow of Contemporary Art… Five Midwestern artists receive $20,000 each […]