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I’ve been thinking about visualization a lot lately

not so much the mystic-y kind of ‘picture it and it will come true’ kind of visualization
although that too

but more about “data analysis through the use of interactive visualization”
or making pictures out of data

(yes I know I already used this picture but I forgot I wanted to use to with the other two V pictures)

Fyodor! I wonder how he visualizes with one eye?

and visualizing what I want my next show to look like

(family portrait)

more sculpture!!

my Aunt Linda and Uncle Gene came to visit on friday and they stopped by for a studio visit so I took out a lot of work. When I went back to the studio I opened the door and saw this painting that I made a while back

it looks so much better in the dark…

and upside down!

Linda wrote a really beautiful poem about one of my other pieces but she says its not finished so I won’t spoil the surprise.

Its always strange to hear other peoples’ interpretation of your work. Especially though another art form. Strange in a good way.

I suppose these are my words

and rhythm, meter, rhyme, punctuation, (etc)

cheesy poetry-painting metaphor over

somehow I think this picture is a better metaphor for making work than anything I could write about it anyway