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scaley windows

I’m such a neglectful blogger

someone notify the authorities

…ever get the feeling…

British Brutalist Building; Balfron Tower

the promise of tomorrow days!

Greg took me on an archi-tour of London visiting sites all around the city

its amazing how fast concrete can rot

the people in this place (i forgot the name) got the short end of ‘tomorrow’

but they see to be trying to make the best of it…some great squash growing going on there

These people on the other hand…

this is the Barbican… a huge complex of apartments, galleries, theaters, restaurants etc etc

so huge in fact I cant be bothered to go into all the detail…just google it

I mean really, even the elevators are cool


The Thames Barriers were also a part of the tour, we grabbed lunch at this cool little building in the park there, it was full of grannies!! Sweet…unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures…but here is the park…a tad unkempt, but well designed…like much of london actually

all those grannies made me think of my grandmother, who is not in good health

so the rest of the day was tinged

but that isn’t so bad, sometimes its nice to think of people even if it makes you a little sad

crown of thorns…aye

we took a boat down the thames….it was crazy to see that every single one of those old warehouses appears to have been converted to lofts…

I mean really, all of them, and there are a lot of them…

luckily we stumbled on this pub while waiting for the boat, actually its a brewery. Crazy, english micro brews!! London is changing so fast…

but its still good ole england…

We ended up at Pizza East, this is a shameless plug even though I have no association with them, because the pizza was amazing…

there was a guy at the bar whose sole job was to slice meats….nice

There is so much more to share, like the cyclist bar, the dirt house, the British Museum, The ugly bunker on the horse parade ground, the barclays ride share bikes (awesome idea, fun to ride) etc etc but I’m all shared out for now…

I’ll leave you with this picture from the Fiona Banner Installation at the Tate Britain

I will post pics from Berlin and Prague once I’ve recovered