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here is a little sneak peak of the show I’m curating at the SoFA gallery…

Jered Sprecher and Ryan Schneider…I’m super excited!

Also if you’re planning on being around Leipzig this month check out this group show I’m in at Transponder…

Info after the jump…

TRANSPONDER invites you and your friends to the opening of Peng! on Saturday 16 October, 20.00 hr

Sofie Arfwidson
Sebastian Burger
Axel Gerber
Elisabeth Haug
Andrea Hildebrandt
Inga Kerber
Philipp Kremer
Simon Menner
Sebastian Nebe
Juliana Ortiz
Moritz mucilages
Tyson Skross
Kerstin Wagener
John Weiss
Bas Zoontjens

Opening: Saturday, 16 October 20.00hr

Exhibition: 16 – 23 October 2010
Open: Sun / Mon / Sat 17-18hr and by appointment

Radius Strasse 19
04179 Leipzig – Neulindenau