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Toilet Clouds

ok finally the last installment of the european odessy….


its kind of unfair for me to post this picture of Greg without him being here to defend himself…but i think its hilarious

not to be a debbie downer, but prague kinda..well…sucked.
Sure the beer was amazing and cheap, but it has turned into such a crazy tourist hell hole it was hard to enjoy…particularly in the touristy hell holey type places…

but we didn’t go there to do that…no we went to go to Kutna Hora
(for those fellow dyslexians out there be very careful how you pronounce that in conversation…)

What would you expect to be the following line on this sign
“out of respect for the chapel and the dead…”

“no photographs” maybe?


“no eating or drinking” perhaps?

thats not it either…

how about “no shirt no shoes no entry”?

No…no that…
give up?

no smoking!!

if you guessed right you get a prize, email me to claim it
(disclaimer, you will be very disappointed, the prize is purely delusional)
Of course being a former communist state I can understand why, but its still shocking to me that that is the one thing they had the need to make a sign to express their displeasure of…

Some people find this creepy, but I don’t, at least not because they are human bones…bones are too removed for me… at least in this state…

Or maybe its just because real death is so much more powerful than these feeble reminders…?

look at this poor guy, getting his eye pecked out for eternity just to fulfill some rich family’s vanity

at least he didn’t get turned into a candle-holder…

well that is enough of the poor old Sedlec Ossuary. It was in terrible shape. Of course I could give you all the info about it but since we’re on the internet here JFGI…

Sorry I’m in a bit of a mood, its been a rough couple of weeks

see, don’t mess with me or my knedliky

I know what will cheer me up…

HAHHAHA! Greg always knows how to make me laugh!

there is a whole story about how we ended at this place in Kutna Hora, but its too long and not that interesting…but here is an interesting tidbit, did you know that Czech-Mex (yes like tex-mex but with Czech food) is all the rage in the Czech republic, so much so that nearly every restaurant in a small czech town serves mexican inspired dishes??

Greg is a serious Mexican food aficionado, so he won’t havin it as the British would say

So to cap it off, the Metro, the Beer and Cafe Meduza were the only cool things about Prague (luckily Cafe Meduza and beer made up for about 75% of our dissapointment)

Not that it was all bad, we made the best of it we did.

see ya