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Here it is, I’m sneaking in some true preview shots of the exhibition I curated, it is up, it is lit and we are just waiting for the opening…

[blockquote]Playing Fields features the work of Patrick Berran, Melissa Oresky, Ryan Schneider, Olivia Schreiner and Jered Sprecher. These five painters’ work and careers represent a spectrum of approaches to the practice of contemporary painting. Through their work and lives each one of them is playing a role in developing the current ethos of their field. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]Each of these artists demonstrates a distinct method of working within the medium of painting. There is a sense of play in the way they approach their work and a sense of excitement in exploring the boundaries of painting. Each artist expresses a clear knowledge of the medium and an ability to create work that is visually stimulating and represents a unique expression. This exhibition features paintings that tug at the intangible and speak to the importance of art in life. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]Tyson Skross, Associate Director of the SoFA Gallery and curator of Playing Fields, notes: “The idea for playing fields was to put together a mini-survey of painting by artists working today. We wanted to have the opportunity to present current work that we believe is exciting and engaging without an elaborate curatorial theme. The overarching idea is that each of the artists is working in a unique way that is relevant in the larger field of contemporary painting. The artists are living and working in a variety of cities in the U.S. and their work has never been previously exhibited together. We feel it is important for the SoFA gallery to be able to bring this work to Bloomington to provide a glimpse of the current state of contemporary painting for our audience and our students.”[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Patrick Berran lives in Brooklyn, NY and has exhibited his work at numerous venues across the nation. He is also the lead vocalist in an internationally touring punk band. Melissa Oresky’s work has been shown at numerous venues including the MCA in Chicago, OQBO in Berlin and Soloway in NY. She currently teaches painting at Illinois State University. Ryan Schneider has exhibited his work extensively with numerous international venues; he recently curated the group show Big Picture at Priska C. Juschka and maintains the website Cedar Tavern, featuring studio visits with his peers. After receiving her BFA Olivia Schreiner was awarded an apprenticeship at the renowned Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. She is active in the Chicago art scene and shows her work nationally. Jered Sprecher is the recent recipient of a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, he teaches painting at the University of Tennessee and shows his work in New York, Boston and L.A.[/blockquote]

In no Particular order…

Jered Sprecher:

Melissa Oresky:

Ryan Schneider:

Patrick Berran:

Olivia Schreiner: