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rather ripped

do you believe in rapture?

for some reason had that song stuck in my head the past week….

consider this post a visual mix-tape

its all about the transitions

gonna try to keep the words to a minimum

max zoom

zoom it to the max

decades of fire code regulations in one moment

incinerate/the firefighters are so nice/

wiggin out

flip your wig

lmcc open studios…

ryan schneider has flipped his wig

I love it!

these new paintings are so weird…

so good!


…Jess’s view

get it girl

gettin back home

Brooklyn bound

I’ve got a mule, and her name is Sal, Fif-teen miles on the Er-ie canal

or 1.5 on the gowanus canal…

very appropriate…

…just that little bit

nosy neighbor


back here again?

vertical view

protracted profile

magnified mug


i don’t know what these are, but they looked amazing

just another window view

big sky’s too big to cry

One day we’ll be free, we wont care you wait and see

ok ok enough with the lyrics

what is this, a high school yearbook up in here?


ambiguity estuary