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Sluppy Line

The line in, what keeps us going…



….mainline to the imagination….

…and my imagination is voracious. If nothing goes in, nothing comes out.



You can’t underestimate imagination. Really, think about it. Imagination fuels our greatest accomplishments.

and in every one of our greatest failures, the worst of human tragedies, in there, at the core, is a stark lack of imagination…

So wherever your imagination lies, don’t neglect it.

Feed it every day

Whatever it wants


No matter how outrageous…or mundane


Don’t judge it

or try to shove it away


Whatever floats your boat



Thats what this post is about


Sharing some of the places where my imagination likes to hang out


and some of its favorite foods


sometimes it surprises me


I love it when it does that



…Whatever floats your boat…


Yeah this is one of those posts, sorry…

…well not really

sometimes the food gets a bit stale so,

spice it up once in awhile…don’t forget the condiments….

hot sauce

Hot Sauce

it may not always be pretty (or clean) but you still have to take care of it.


Give your imagination some mouth to mouth…



and don’t forget to make sure you keep the sluppy line flowing…



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