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Malaya Yuzhnaya

  Malaya Yuzhnaya, oil on canvas, 50″ x 39″, 2010   Sometime during the process of making this painting I started to listen to Dan Carlin’s podcast Hardcore History, specifically his 3 part series Ghosts of the Ostfront*. I realized that I knew relatively little about this dark […]


To submit or present, as for consideration, approval, or payment                             To cause to become; make                               To […]

….and on, and on, and on, and on….

…lectronic mist…     you may have noticed a lack of posts….or not…well what can I say I’ve neglected the blog too much… It got too needy and I didn’t keep it fed and watered in fact it may have died… at least in its […]

happy dayz

summer…what is there to say? It’s fun, it’s hot, it’s miserable…It’s not conducive to posting to this blog. apparently. But things are looking up, the amazing weather brings smiles and earthquakes! I see this van everywhere…I think I’m being followed. Do you think it’s trying […]

Sluppy Line

The line in, what keeps us going…     ….mainline to the imagination…. …and my imagination is voracious. If nothing goes in, nothing comes out.     You can’t underestimate imagination. Really, think about it. Imagination fuels our greatest accomplishments. and in every one of […]

rather ripped

do you believe in rapture? for some reason had that song stuck in my head the past week…. consider this post a visual mix-tape its all about the transitions gonna try to keep the words to a minimum max zoom zoom it to the max […]

…and a little bit of that

time has slipped by me almost unnoticed… but I just caught it going by That’s what happens when you’re busy… …busy with a little of this… ….maybe a little too much of this… …definitely not enough of this… ….A LOT of this… (but never too […]

a little like goes a long way

Friday, February 11, 2011, 12:20 PM I’ve been noticing a particularly disturbing trend in my speech lately… …the occurrence of the word like has jumped to levels unprecedented since 1993… …perhaps I have killed too many brain cells. Or maybe it is because I am […]

o O o O O o o o o o

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 …my mind hasn’t caught up with my body yet, I’m waiting for it to snap painfully back into place… On a lighter note Went over to Pat’s studio this weekend. You remember Pat he was in this show I put together… […]

Hypochondria of the heart

Well this is an odd post, just a few pics that i never posted that I like… and I thought I would post this interview that Greg did of me for a writing exercise, the interview took place right in the middle of packing so […]

Change is a Foot

…saying goodbye to my old studio… just about one year …whats next?

The old New Work routine

Packing up the studio, getting ready for the big move… I spent one last day in the studio and manged to finish up a few things. This work is something of a departure for me, after working on the sculptural forms I found myself making […]


Here it is, I’m sneaking in some true preview shots of the exhibition I curated, it is up, it is lit and we are just waiting for the opening… [blockquote]Playing Fields features the work of Patrick Berran, Melissa Oresky, Ryan Schneider, Olivia Schreiner and Jered […]

Toilet Clouds

ok finally the last installment of the european odessy…. Prague… its kind of unfair for me to post this picture of Greg without him being here to defend himself…but i think its hilarious not to be a debbie downer, but prague kinda..well…sucked. Sure the beer […]

No Golem

that ain’t no golem but that is his restaurant… yes… for those of you familiar with Jewish mythology we are now in prague…. …now berlin… …prague again. ok ok I’ll stop this was our first night in Berlin, Greg and I went to alpenstueck, this […]


here is a little sneak peak of the show I’m curating at the SoFA gallery… Jered Sprecher and Ryan Schneider…I’m super excited! Also if you’re planning on being around Leipzig this month check out this group show I’m in at Transponder… Info after the jump… […]

scaley windows

I’m such a neglectful blogger someone notify the authorities …ever get the feeling… British Brutalist Building; Balfron Tower the promise of tomorrow days! Greg took me on an archi-tour of London visiting sites all around the city its amazing how fast concrete can rot the […]


I’ve been thinking about visualization a lot lately not so much the mystic-y kind of ‘picture it and it will come true’ kind of visualization although that too but more about “data analysis through the use of interactive visualization” or making pictures out of data […]


I had this idea for a post with pictures that reminded me of lyrics… …Hard to the dome like a chrome microphone I’m ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bad to the bone to the bone Danger zone, that’s my life and my song… but then I forgot about it because […]

homophobic phone

this is the third time I tried to take a picture of this graffiti with my phone, I think its homophobic… here is some more b-town style graff… never say never… Its summer time in Bloomington…that means everyone’s gardens are quickly overflowing… this is our […]

ROFL at the PONR

…not just news anymore… …also pictures of my studio… …and sometimes other people’s studios… …sometimes things outside of the studio… …sometimes really really tiny things in my studio… …sometimes funny… …sometimes not… …oh and people too… …and don’t forget animals… …and that reminds me, crappy […]

Fuller Projects

A big thanks to Anna and Phil at the Fuller Projects for selecting my work for an exclusive one night show. It was a lot of work, but I had fun installing it, thanks to everyone who made it out!

Big News!

I am honored to be able to announce that I was named a 2009 Efroymson Fellow of Contemporary Art… Five Midwestern artists receive $20,000 each from the Efroymson Family Fund Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowships help artists continue their development INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 24, 2009) –The Efroymson […]